Intervention and Abandonment

Extend the productive life of any asset

We bring new life to your wells. Our skilled people—the cornerstone of our services—begin by assessing revitalization potential. They help you to re-establish well integrity, maintain a productive wellbore, and finally expose more of the reservoir with our re-entry services. When economics no longer justify intervention, our safe, efficient well-abandonment services deliver permanent well integrity. 

Finish Responsibly

Firma™ Abandonment Solutions

Establish cost-effective, permanent barriers that mimic the original caprock. Only we offer front-end engineering design, a complete portfolio of abandonment and slot recovery technologies, efficient management of critical-path activities, and a global track record in all environments so you can finish responsibly.

Abandonment Solutions

Turn Problems into Profit

Well Services

Our turnkey solutions quickly and cost-efficiently get your assets back on track. As your single-source contact for integrated well services both onshore and offshore, we help you to evaluate, remediate, and rejuvenate problems wells without a rig.

Completion Well Services

Reveal and repair casing and cement issues

Gas-storage-well integrity solutions

With our unmatched portfolio for storage-well integrity, we enable you to safely inspect and maintain your wellbores to regulatory standards.

Gas-storage-well integrity solutions

Restore production with our skilled and efficient technicians

Fishing Services

Experience is the difference between hours or days offline. Masters of their craft, our crews stand ready for any contingency, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Fishing Services

Remove wellbore debris and leave a completion-ready wellbore

Wellbore Cleaning Services

We offer a unique combination of industry-leading technologies and experienced people. Backed by a complete portfolio of CLEARMAX™ mechanical, chemical, and filtration-based technologies, we offer comprehensive wellbore cleaning services for the complete life cycle of any well. Our suite of technologies removes all well debris and residue, leaving a clean, solids-free, and completion-ready wellbore.

Wellbore Cleaning Services

Breathe new life into aging wells

Re-Entry Services

With more than 12,000 casing-exit installations globally, our experienced and highly trained personnel deliver service excellence for casing exits and multilateral junctions in a wide range of wellbore conditions.


Finish strong with safe, permanent abandonment solutions

Well Abandonment Services

Our dedicated specialists solely focus on safe and permanent abandonment. We use the best tools on the market to supply a rock-to-rock, cement-to-formation bond that meets the strictest compliance standards.

Well Abandonment Services

Re-establish well integrity and isolate unwanted zones

Casing Repair and Zonal Isolation

When our well-integrity logging services pinpoint a problem, our casing repair and zonal isolation services fix the issue with a smaller bite out of your budget than you might expect.

Casing Repair and Zonal Isolation

Diagnose downhole issues and remediate rig free

Cased-Hole Wireline

Once we discover the root of the issue with actionable reservoir data, our experienced crews clear wellbore blockages, manage water intrusion, and maximize wellbore exposure.

Cased-Hole Wireline

Achieve safe, efficient, and permanent well abandonment

Well Abandonment Advisor℠ Solution

Through a combination of specialized technologies, proprietary models, and project management, the Well Abandonment Advisor solution manages your P&A project—from scoping, to regulatory filing, to rig-up and close-out.

Well Abandonment Advisor

Bring new life to your wells

Our re-entry services can help to re-establish well integrity, maintain productivity, and expose more of the reservoir. To learn how we can bring new life to your wells, please complete the contact form below. One of our experts will be in touch.