Artificial Lift Systems

Comprehensive Solutions and Optimization for All Production Challenges

Collaborate with the Industry’s leading artificial lift and optimization experts for maximized production. Operators worldwide trust us to provide complete, asset-level solutions featuring field-wide digitalized systems, autonomous intelligence, and IoT automations at the Edge.

Achieve Maximum Production Efficiency and Value with the Industry's Most Comprehensive Artificial Lift Portfolio

Reciprocating Rod-Lift Systems

Reciprocating Rod-Lift Systems

Maximize efficiency with fully integrated rod-lift solutions including surface pumping units, rod strings, downhole pumps, and automation.

Reciprocating Rod Lift

Gas-Lift Systems

Gas Lift

Optimize production, performance, and safety with turnkey solutions for gas lift design, monitoring, and analysis.

Onshore Gas Lift

Premium Gas Lift

Progressing Cavity-Pump Systems

Progressing Cavity-Pump Systems

Exceed production expectations with unequaled technical expertise delivering purpose-built PCP solutions for unique well applications.

Progressing Cavity Pump

Smart Jet-Lift Systems

Smart Jet-Lift

Integrate rugged simplicity with unparalleled physics-based modeling and control for unmatched production intelligence and results.

Jet-Pump Systems

Plunger-Lift Systems


Add cost-effective value with rigless solutions that deliquify gas wells, stabilize gas, and enhance overall production.

Plunger Lift

Automation and Control

and Control

Keep wells running at peak operational efficiency with real-time monitoring and alerts for proactive management and reduced NPT.

Automation and Control

Fully Integrated Ecosystems with End-to-End Performance Efficiency 

Adapt to Any
Production Environment

Attain full production potential and total asset value. Overcome any challenging production environment with fieldwide systematic strategies by combining industry-leading technology, end-to-end efficiencies, and exclusive management expertise.

Custom Lift Strategies

Identify unique production characteristics and transform recovery results by using expanded artificial lift options designed according to well type and life-cycle stage for boosted productive life and extended investment potential.

Exclusive Innovations

Maximize asset values by leveraging the world’s most extensive technology portfolio designed to overcome varying depths, production targets, energy mediums, flows/volumes, and varying budgets.

Comprehensive Optimization Portfolio

Leverage the world’s most extensive selection of production-efficiency technology designed to get the most from any well environment.

Drive Continuous
Production Performance

Eliminate production uncertainty with fully integrated, intelligent ecosystems featuring IoT infrastructures, advanced analytics, and autonomous optimizations to boost uptime, enhance efficiency, and reduce maintenance.

Asset-Level Intelligence

Boost production, uptime, and efficiency with next-generation technologies leveraging real-time, high-frequency data for proactive optimizations, predictive analytics, and autonomous well control.

Exclusive AI Systems

Upgrade wells to autonomously increase production and enhance personnel efficiency with IoT-based networking at the Edge. Adapt and solve unique production challenges for any production environment with instant notifications and real-time monitoring.


Prioritize production-uplift opportunities and reduce MTBFs with autonomous systems designed to identify bottlenecks, predict failures, and execute workovers — allowing engineers to focus on more valuable needs.

Minimize Emissions
and Improve Production

Improve bottom-line productivity and efficiency with Permanent Magnet Motors for Rod-Lift, PCP, and Hydraulic-Lift Systems.

High-Efficiency Savings

High-strength surface magnets require up to 30% less energy usage and generate a .99 power factor with 98% efficiency for energy savings up to 15% to 30 percent.

Sustainable Technology

Improve energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and overall safety with next-generation, green-energy innovations including the PMM, Rotaflex, FatBoy PCP, COROD, EAMV, DuraSeal, ForeSite, Edge, Flow, and Sense.

Net-Zero by 2050

Weatherford signed the UN Global Compact and pledged to ongoing initiatives to ensure emission-reductions remain a priority. Our Sustainability Committee is dedicated to measurable progress toward sustainability.

Real Results Romania PMM for PCP 10% Less Energy Real Results United States Rod-Lift Solutions 75% Less OPEX Real Results Iraq Artificial Lift Solutions 55% More Production
Real Results Oman Plunger-Lift Solutions Net-Zero Emissions Real Results United States ForeSite Edge 6% Prodution Boost Real Results Columbia Rotaflex Zero Failures

Comprehensive Solutions and Optimization for All Production Challenges

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