Capillary Technologies

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Deliquify gas wells to enhance production economically

Our capillary injection systems and services help you to maximize production, enhance safety, and protect your investment. Capillary systems deliver targeted foam injection to deliquify the wellbore and improve lift. They offer low initial expense, reduced operating costs, and quick installation with no rig required. Add our unmatched capillary system expertise, and you’re well equipped to optimize production performance. 

Internal and External Installations

Configure the right system for your application

Running capillary inside an existing production string enables targeted chemical delivery without a workover rig. In external installations, the capillary string is banded outside the production tubing.


Target your chemical delivery

Internal and External Installations

Foam-Lift and Chemical-Injection Systems

Target foam and chemicals to boost recoverable reserves

Delivered by our capillary technologies, our foam-lift and chemical-injection systems help you to reduce lifting costs and rejuvenate assets CAPEX-free.

Manage and enhance production without a rig

Target foam and chemicals to boost recoverable reserves