Production 4.0

Unrivaled Capability

Advance to the production asset of the future. Only Weatherford gives you an end-to-end production performance ecosystem that delivers the ultimate in  control, data management, and advanced data analytics.

We deliver next-generation automation, IoT infrastructure, and advanced optimization software for the ultimate boost in production, uptime, and efficiency.


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Introduce autonomous well management and continuous optimization with engineering models on the Edge.

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Unify data silos and manage all operational data as one real-time information ecosystem.

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Manage assets proactively with advanced analytics that identify problems and opportunities with economic analysis.

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Harness the power of IoT and optimization platforms from anywhere, including at the Edge.


Never miss an opportunity. Our Production 4.0 technologies give you unparalleled insight into your asset and continually identify problems and opportunities that maximize productivity in an ever-changing environment.

  • Connect the well, reservoir, and surface facilities for integrated asset management
  • Identify opportunities from the wellbore to the point of sale
  • Prioritize operations with economic analyses
  • Drive continuous optimization with autonomous lift  adjustments and engineering models at the Edge
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Identify issues before they escalate. We help you to manage your assets proactively with industry-exclusive predictive analytics and instant intelligent alerts that reduce failures and minimize deferred production.

  • Integrates real-time data with physics-based models
  • Leverages advanced analytics to predict rod-lift and ESP failures
  • Generates instantaneous IoT notifications to minimize downtime
  • Detects rod-lift imbalances and wrist-pin wear
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Focus on what matters most. With asset-level power at your fingertips, we help you prioritize operational problems and opportunities with economic analyses. 

  • Manage assets by exception
  • Pinpoint and prioritize production issues to enable proactive optimization
  • Access asset intelligence via desktop, tablet, or smart phone
  • Enables focus on proactive optimization rather than reactive maintenance
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Realize the field of the future

Production Optimization Platform

ForeSite® field-wide intelligence maximizes production.

Drive Continuous Production Performance

IoT-Enabled Automation

ForeSite® delivers continuous and autonomous production optimization.

Accurate water-cut and flow-rate data in real time

Flow Measurement

We provide continuous, consistent, and reliable measurements that surpass conventional methods.

Create Value In Every Well, Any Environment

Reservoir Monitoring

Create continuous, actionable intelligence for any well.


IoT / SCADA Platform

Our IoT / SCADA platform unifies all data silos into a single data-management ecosystem.

Detect Surface Failures Before They Happen

Equipment Monitoring

Plan and execute corrective maintenance with minimal downtime and expense.

Experience a truly digital oilfield solution

These next-generation technologies are ready for your asset today.

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