Production 4.0

Integrated Production Performance

ForeSite Production 4.0 safely and systematically enhances production, maximizes uptime, and improves efficiency at the well and asset level. With unprecedented, real-time data integration from every corner of your business—including all downhole sensors, lift monitoring, and control systems—you can reap continuous and sustained efficiency gains for the life of every producing asset.


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Introduce autonomous well management and continuous optimization with engineering models on the Edge.

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Unify data silos and manage all operational data as one real-time information ecosystem.

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Manage assets proactively with advanced analytics that identify problems and opportunities with economic analysis.

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Harness the power of IoT and optimization platforms from anywhere, including at the Edge.

Seamless Asset Integration

Asset Optimization


Maximize well, reservoir, and surface-facility performance with the ForeSite platform.

Production Optimization Platform

Lift Equipment

Artificial Lift Equipment

Be true to your well with end-to-end equipment solutions for every form of lift.

Artificial Lift

Autonomous Lift


Harness high-frequency data and wellsite modelling with ForeSite Edge autonomous lift.

IoT-Enabled Automation

Flow Intelligence


Achieve unprecedented flow accuracy with continuous flow measurement.

Flow Measurement

Downhole Sensing


Gain continuous insight with ForeSite Sense single-cable simplicity and proven reliability.

Reservoir Monitoring



Boost BOPD by 5 to 15% with unparalleled insight that continuously identifies problems, uplift opportunities, and bottlenecks.


Increase Production Potential

Never miss an opportunity. The ForeSite® platform connects the well, reservoir, and surface facilities to identify and prioritize uplift potential with economic analyses. This enterprise-level digital solutions integrates operational data into a single source of insight that helps you continuously perfect production strategies.

Enhance Downhole Intelligence

Profit from information clarity. Easily identify where, why, and how changes occur, including variations in pressure, temperature, and flow. Trusted on more than 7,000 wells, ForeSite Sense reservoir monitoring is the foundation for dependable insight, planning lift transitions, detecting well-integrity issues, and more.

Optimize Lift Strategy

Leverage global expertise. Our Lift Solutions team extracts maximum value from your existing assets through a life-of-asset strategy for any type of well and every form of lift. Our proactive field-management techniques seize the opportunities that lie in the transitions from initial production to stable productivity and beyond.

Lift Autonomously

Increase production with the pinnacle of digitalization and next-generation control. ForeSite Edge upgrades your rod lift, gas lift, ESP, and PCP assets to autonomous lift control for any set point. This industry-first technology uses high-frequency data to make autonomous lift adjustments that ensure maximum lift productivity for every stroke and cycle.



Reduce costs by 5 to 30% with field-proven strategies, exclusive equipment, and proactive asset management.


Identify Issues Early

The ForeSite platform leverages existing investments in measurement, automation, artificial-lift, and surveillance to integrate asset-level, real-time data with physics-based models and advanced analytics to predict failures, increase uptime, and reduce costs.

Be True to Your Well

Let data and experience decide. As the only end-to-end supplier for every form of lift, we provide agnostic strategies that support your well needs and production goals. We manufacture, install, and service reliable equipment to deliver production performance in any environment.

Monitor in Real Time

Detect downhole and flow changes with unparalleled precision. Our ForeSite Sense reservoir-monitoring portfolio delivers a second-by-second view of changing well dynamics, while our Red Eye® water-cut meters and ForeSite Flow multiphase flow meters keep you informed of any shift in downhole behavior.

Perfect Every Cycle

Reduce downtime with true, closed-loop autonomous optimization. As your asset produces, ForeSite Edge autonomously operates the well at the optimal rate for maximum equipment life and productivity. When issues are detected or predicted, the system generates instant IoT alerts so you can proactively plan maintenance.



Systematically improve personnel, equipment, and capital efficiency by 5 to 25% with asset-level control at your fingertips.


Manage by Exception

Free your team to make decisions that make a difference. We help you instate continuous processes that incorporate artificial intelligence and trend analysis to centralize data and eliminate operational inefficiencies. With real-time asset intelligence available via desktop, tablet, or smart phone, your team can stop reacting to issues and manage proactively.

Automate Repetitive Processes

Reduce onsite personnel needs. Conventional well-tests and hand-sampling is time intensive, produces data of limited use, and consumes a significant OPEX budget. Our Red Eye water-cut meters and ForeSite Flow multiphase flow meters replace intermittent data with real-time intelligence that reduces costs by 70 percent.

Prioritize Workflows

Direct field personnel with surgical precision. Rather than sending crews from pad to pad for inspection and analysis, you can efficiently dispatch them based on prioritized optimization opportunities, production issues, and predicted failures.

Lift at Peak Efficiency

Reduce energy costs and crew time. Monitoring well conditions second-by-second, ForeSite Edge autonomously optimizes each cycle to reduce operating costs and extend equipment life. When human intervention is required, the system generates instant IoT alerts to your operations team.

Realize the field of the future

Production Optimization Platform

ForeSite® field-wide intelligence maximizes production.

Be true to your well

Artificial Lift

As the only end-to-end supplier for every form of lift, we deliver production performance in any environment.

Drive Continuous Production Performance

IoT-Enabled Automation

ForeSite® delivers continuous and autonomous production optimization.

Accurate water-cut and flow-rate data in real time

Flow Measurement

We provide continuous, consistent, and reliable measurements that surpass conventional methods.

Create Value In Every Well, Any Environment

Reservoir Monitoring

Create continuous, actionable intelligence for any well.


IoT / SCADA Platform

Our IoT / SCADA platform unifies all data silos into a single data-management ecosystem.

Detect Surface Failures Before They Happen

Equipment Monitoring

Plan and execute corrective maintenance with minimal downtime and expense.

End-To-End Production-Performance Solutions

Elevate your existing equipment and optimization investments with ForeSite Production 4.0.

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