Water-Cut Meters

Detect and track water onset in real time

Our Red Eye® water-cut meters provide real-time measurements across the full range of water cut from 0 to 100 percent. Using patented optical-sensor technology, our meters ignore changes in salinity and distinguish between gas, water, methanol, and condensate suspended in your flowlines. The system is an easy and economical way to detect water breakthrough, measure hydrate-inhibitor concentration, and trend water behavior in the reservoir.

Water-Cut Meters for Land

Measure water cut in gas-volume fractions up to 99.5%

With more than 3,000 units deployed, the Red Eye water-cut meter provides field-proven measurements on three-phase lines and regardless of salinity levels.


Brochure: Explore Red Eye water-cut meters for surface applications here

Real Result: Red Eye meters provide real-time flow data for offshore export line in Malaysia

Real Result: Red Eye meter eliminates hand sampling, automates testing in Angola

Red-Eye MP Water-Cut Meter

Water-Cut Meters for Subsea

Obtain multiphase water-cut data from the seafloor

Based on our field-proven systems on land, our subsea Red Eye meters are the first standalone meters that can measure water cut in a multiphase line.


Brochure: Explore Red Eye water-cut meters for subsea applications here


Red Eye Subsea Water-Cut Meter