Subsea Water-Cut Meter

Precision flow data for continuous optimization

Red Eye subsea water-cut meters provide accurate water-content measurements for ideal production monitoring, measurement, and optimization. Designed for ultra-deepwater, hydrocarbon wells, Red Eye presents a step-change in subsea water-cut detection and a vital component to virtual metering—creating the industry’s first stand-alone subsea water-cut meter and the ultimate multiphase-support redundancy.


True Reservoir Insight

Precision, real-time data delivers true water-cut intelligence for the ultimate gains in production and efficiency.

Near infrared (NIR) sensitivity

Instantly distinguish between water, oil, methanol, and glycol in the full range of water cut and full range of GVF—regardless of salinity, chemistry, solids, impurities, H2S, CO2, emulsions, and polymers.

In-line water-hydrate inhibitor measurements

Includes water-methanol concentrations, are extremely useful in the optimization of hydrate-injection processes. 

Most sensitive water-onset detection

Integrated optical channel is extremely sensitive, enabling direct measurements within minute concentrations of water.

Continuous measurement accuracy

Assess reservoir behavior with real-time water-cut monitoring for optimized production strategies, pinpoint reporting, and reduced artificial-lift costs.

And Spend Less

Continuous water-cut accuracy optimizes efficiency, saves operational costs, and reduces seafloor footprint.

70% less OPEX per well and 60% less CAPEX per well

Multiphase-support redundancy eliminates the need for dedicated topside equipment, frequent human interventions, and onsite calibrations

Simplified engineering

Eliminates inconsistencies associated with hand sampling and intermittent data for improved safety and HSE risk—no high temps, high pressures, or sour gasses to avoid.

SIIS system (Subsea-Instrumentation Interface Standardization)

Provides level-2 or level-3 communications that include onboard raw-data storage with remote firmware upgrade support.

Exclusive installation flexibility

Provides functionality at the wellhead or downstream for individual well monitoring, group monitoring, well testing, and water-breakthrough detection.

To Production 4.0

End-to-end solutions maximize production, reduce downtime, and enhance personnel efficiency.

Unprecedented flow intelligence

ForeSite® Flow, delivers full-range multiphase insight with real-time, split-second accuracy—all without a test separator or a nuclear source.

End-to-end production solutions

Leverage global expertise and everything needed to diagnose and repair common production issues for all artificial-lift systems.

Instant subsea digital intelligence

ForeSite Sense provides real-time monitoring data that drives profitability for any well, with any lift, in any environment.

Enterprise-level optimization

ForeSite production optimization helps maximize performance throughout any well, reservoir, or surface facility.

SAVED $12M CAPEX Eliminated MPFMs 18 wells Azerbaijan, South Caspian Sea
SAVED $2M Annual OPEX Reduced MEG Recycling 90% Egypt, Offshore Mediterranean

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