Incorporate essential tubular handling to support drilling and completion operations

Our family of conventional handling and tubular-running tools provide certified and reliable manual-handling and makeup equipment. Supporting both drilling and completion operations of well construction programs, these conventional handling solutions can serve as a primary or a secondary method of running your casing.

Torque Monitoring

Verify proper makeup with real-time and remote viewing

We offer torque-monitoring solutions that help you to monitor premium-pipe makeup and breakout from a remote location and in real time for verified connection integrity.


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Handling Equipment

Safely securing tubulars during well construction

We fulfill your handling needs with a complete portfolio, including elevators, spiders, flush-mounted equipment, and low-profile solutions. Whether you’re running casing, tubing, completion tubing, or risers, we can help you to enhance safety and efficiency.

Get a handle on your tubulars

Handling Equipment

Power Tongs

Apply torque while gripping tubulars during makeup and breakout

Fully compatible with Weatherford tong-positioning systems, our power tongs help you to make up or break out casing, standard connections, high-torque connections, premium connections, riser strings, and drillpipe.

Balance power with proper connection makeup

Power Tongs

Fill-up and Circulation Tools

Pump and circulate mud through casing while running

While running the casing in the well at any point, our AutoSeal™ II fill-up and circulation tools enable instant transitions from fill-up mode to circulation mode, which significantly reduces the risk of stuck casing.

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Fill-up and Circulation Tools