Tubular Management

Streamline your tubular programs from the pipe yard to total depth

Using industry-leading torque-monitoring and bucking technologies, our services take tubular preparation offline and deliver high-integrity double or triple joints to your rig. These ready-to-run tubulars can improve the overall program productivity, build well integrity, increase operational efficiency, and reduce rig time.

Bucking Systems

Reduce time on the critical path with offline makeup and breakout

From the pipe mill to the oilfield, our bucking technologies help you to automate makeup and breakout and verify the integrity of all connections.


Take tubular makeup offline for reduced rig time

Offline Makeup Facility

Prepare tubulars away from the rotary table

Our facility in Port Fourchon or a mobile offline makeup facility built near your rigsite enables you to take tubular preparation offline and to focus on drilling and casing running. 


Stay on time and on budget with offline makeup

Offline Makeup Facility