Digitalization and Automation Solutions

Accelerate digital transformation

Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of our customers by creating solutions that digitalize fields and automate operations for tangible performance gains.


Victus intelligent MPD

With automation, advanced hydraulics models, and smart control algorithms, Victus delivers unmatched safety and cost savings during managed pressure drilling operations.

Centro digital well delivery

By combining cutting-edge data management, visualization, and real-time engineering collaboration, Centro maximizes drilling efficiency and avoid downtime.

Vero® automated connection integrity

Using artificial intelligence, Vero automates connection makeup and evaluation for unquestionable well integrity, efficiency gains, and safety enhancements.

AccuView® remote support system

The AccuView system provides real-time analytics and global collaboration to plan and execute more efficient liner-hanger, fishing, and re-entry jobs.

RFID-enabled technologies

 Our exclusive technologies transmit digital signals to drilling, cementing, and completions tools to improve operational efficiency, flexibility, and control.

ForeSite® Sense reservoir monitoring solutions

These solutions deliver continuous and actionable intelligence for any well—in any environment—and every budget.

ForeSite® production optimization ecosystem

Our integrated ecosystem delivers next-generation automation, IoT infrastructure, and advanced analytics to boost field production and uptime.

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