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RipTide® Ball-Drop Drilling Reamer

Passed Through Collapsed Casing, Enlarged and Drilled Interval in One Run, Preserved Original Well Design


  • Drill through multiple tight spots within 16-in. casing suffering collapse issues
  • Enlarge and drill the interval simultaneously

Our Approach

  • After setting the 16-in. casing at a measured depth (MD) of 5,898 ft (1,798 m), the customer tried to drill the next interval with a 14 1/2-in. drilling assembly (drift ID was 14.688 in.). Multiple tight spots within the 16-in. casing prevented the customer from reaching the bottom of the hole.
  • In collaboration with the customer, a Weatherford drilling engineering team opted to run a 12 1/4-in. drilling assembly to achieve the target objective and maintain the planned well design.
  • Weatherford experts incorporated a RipTide ball-drop drilling reamer 12000 in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) as well as a Magnus® rotary-steerable system (RSS) to simultaneously drill and enlarge the interval.
  • The RipTide reamer is a concentric mass-balance underreamer capable of enlarging a borehole below casing restrictions. The versatile reamer can simultaneously drill and enlarge when used in conjunction with a RSS, motor, or rotary bottomhole assembly.
  • Field personnel successfully deployed this BHA, drilling and enlarging the interval from 12-1/4 in. to 14-1/2 in. in one run.
  • This achievement enabled the customer to maintain the original well design by successfully deploying a 11 7/8-in. casing across the interval.

Value to Customer

  • Weatherford’s hole-enlargement-while-drilling solution enabled the operator to eliminate additional costs with well design changes (e.g., sidetracking) while also maintaining the long-term value/production volumes associated with the well as per the original well design.
  • Efficient drilling performance achieved during the execution of this project resulted in the customer recommending the deployment of RipTide reamers in similar projects.


Gulf of Mexico



Hole Size and Angle

12-1/2 in. (31.75 cm), 14.9° (slant)

Flow Rate

656 gal/min (2483.23 L/min)


230°F (110°C)


21,000 lb-ft (28472.18 N·m)

Measured Depth

5,898 ft (1,798 m)


The Weatherford RipTide ball-drop drilling reamer 12000 has retractable and concentric cutter blocks that minimize vibration while drilling and facilitate tool retrieval.

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