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Compact™ Logging Technology

Easily Passed Through Collapsed Section in Geothermal Injection Well, Enabled Operator to Develop Forward Plan


  • Deploy a logging tool that could pass through a collapsed section of casing, measure the inside diameter, and evaluate the cement bond in the 10 3/4-in. section of the well.

Our Approach

  • The well consisted of four sections: a 9 5/8-in. openhole section followed by sections of 10-3/4, 13-3/8, and 18-5/8 in.
  • Based on a strong creative technical proposal, field-proven logging technology, and bolstered by an existing presence in the region, Weatherford was selected to perform four logging operations:
    • Dummy run with gauge ring and casing collar locator (CCL)
    • A caliper run in the 10 3/4-in. and 13 3/8-in. sections
    • A run with a cement bond log (CBL) tool and variable density log (VDL) tool in both sections
    • An ultrasonic run in the 13 3/8-in. section
  • Due to the collapsed casing, over-body centralizers could not be used. Calipers were used as powered centralizers above and below the collapse.
  • Weatherford used its field-proven Compact logging technology including openhole logging technology and a creative application in the cased-hole environment.
  • The Compact powered centralizer was chosen for its high-strength capability to centralize a toolstring in deviated wells.
  • For the CBL/VDL run, Weatherford opted for the Compact compensated sonic tool.
  • The Compact borehole geometry tool was the optimal choice to determine the openhole azimuth, inclination water-based mud imaging, and cased-hole inclination.

Value to Customer

  • Weatherford field personnel logged up from the bottom of the 10 3/4-in. section to the surface and confirmed the collapsed section was in the 13 3/8-in. casing.
  • The run also confirmed the presence of scaling in the 10 3/4-in. injection tubing, forcing the cancellation of the ultrasonic log.
  • The Compact borehole geometry tool (8-arm caliper) was used for multi-fingered caliper logging along the collapsed section.
  • Using the Compact powered centralizers made it possible to run the CBL/VDL tool for the entire length of the wellbore.
  • The collaborative cooperation between the operator and Weatherford created a unique solution to pass through the collapsed section and allowed the operator to develop a forward plan.


South of Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Well Type

Geothermal injector

Hole Size

9-5/8 in., open hole

Liner Size and Type

10-3/4 in. casing L-80 55.5 ppf, TC II


258°F (126°C)

Measured Depth

14,763 ft (4,500 m)


Compact Logging Technology
Compact Logging Technology

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