Geothermal Energy Solutions

Technologies that take the heat

Whether you are repurposing an existing well, or exploring for or developing conventional, enhanced, or advanced, and even supercritical, geothermal systems, utilize unrivalled terrain adaptable technology specifically engineered to endure the heat. Collaborating with geothermal experts from around the world, we enable you to successfully harness geothermal energy wherever you are.

Characterize the subsurface while drilling

Logging While Drilling

Working in standard to extreme drilling environments, our technologies deliver real-time petrophysical, geosteering, imaging, geomechanical, and geophysical data that enhance reservoir understanding and enable on-the-fly drilling adjustments.

 Logging While Drilling

Provide simple, precise pressure management and data capture

Modus™ Managed Pressure Well Solution

The Modus solution creates a comprehensive pressure management strategy that precisely and continually manages the primary well-control barrier, eliminating pressure spikes, improving hole stability, optimizing drilling plans, manipulating effective mud weights, and increasing ROP.

Modus Managed Pressure Wells Solution

Accelerate digital transformation

Digitalization and Automation Solutions

Our mission is to accelerate your digital transformation by creating solutions that digitalize fields and automate operations.

Enhance construction design and completion results

Liner Systems

Add reliability, confidence, and control with high-performance liner systems designed for the world’s most challenging well environments including high-pressure/high-temperature applications.

Liner Systems

Revitalize underperforming assets

Well Services

Maximize the life and value of existing infrastructures with turnkey well-enhancement solutions that quickly add productivity and cost-efficiency to assets. Evaluate and control reservoir performance, predict problems before they occur, and rejuvenate wells without a rig for any geothermal asset today.

Well Services

We enable the world to access

Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions are designed to meet your unique challenges and provide efficient heat-enduring technology and advanced digitalization that optimizes sustainable operations while reducing carbon emissions, anywhere, in any environment. With our geothermal expertise, specialized technologies, and innovative ideation, we enable progressive advancement for future geothermal exploration and production.

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