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TR1P™ System Reduces Installation Time by Up to 60% in Deepwater West African Well

West Africa

Metalskin® Monobore Openhole Liner, Surgemaster® II System Extend 13 3/8-in. Casing to New Pay Zone,

Gulf of Mexico (USA zone)

HEL™ MWD System and Microflux® MPD Control System Stand Up to Ultra-High LCM Concentrations in a Nor

UK North Sea

Premium Hydraulic Rotating Liner Hanger System and Diamondback™ Reamer Shoe Reach TD to Achieve Zona

Turkmenistan Offshore, Caspian Sea

GAPS® Identifies Gas Source to Diagnose Crossflow from Nearby Well, Saving $150,000

Kentucky, USA

Ultrawave™ Ultra-Sonic Imager LWD Identifies Fractures in Horizontal Shale Well Drilled with Oil-bas

Texas, USA

Renaissance® Inverse Gas Lift System Eliminates Workover and Increases Production by 3.5 Mboe/D

North Sea

WFXO™ Openhole Gravel-Pack System Helps Operator to Achieve a 32% Increase In Oil Production from a

Brazil, Campos Basin