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CalView® Tool

Enhanced Operational Safety in Reentry Jobs Through Deformation Detection, Optimized Rig Time and Operational Efficiency


  • Diagnose an issue in the well trajectory.
  • Assess the casing integrity.
  • Confirm casing weight, perforation depths, and cast iron bridge plug (CIPD) setting depth.

Our Approach

  • To address the customer's concerns regarding changes in casing trajectory, Weatherford experts recommended the CalView tool to assess the casing integrity in a vertical, oil-producing well.
  • Distinguished by 40 to 60 sets of carbide-tipped fingers, the CalView tool boasts a high sampling rate of 400 samples per meter. Equipped with deviation sensors, the tool captures an authentic depiction of the well's trajectory as well as in measuring inner wall conditions, casing deformation, deviation, orientation, and borehole temperature.
  • The CalView tool meticulously logged 7,890 ft (2,405 m) of casing, scrutinizing integrity, ovality, restriction, and internal radius along the entire wellbore. Leveraging its distinguished eccentricity correction, the tool proficiently discerned genuine casing deformations from spurious ones attributable to tool eccentricity.
  • The ensuing analysis furnished a novel trajectory and revealed multiple depths of deformation, details that were vital considerations for forthcoming operations on this well. These results not only addressed the customer's concerns but also provided valuable insights for strategic decision-making and intervention planning.

Value to Customer

  • The well integrity analysis emerged as a pivotal consideration for the customer, offering an enhanced comprehension of the well trajectory as influenced by earth stress.
  • This understanding provided the customer with a perspective for the impending reentry operations, helping the customer’s engineers to make informed decisions regarding the selection of appropriate tools and procedures to ensure secure accessibility.
  • This proactive approach aimed to prevent potential fishing jobs arising from a lack of a definitive trajectory, optimizing rig time and operational efficiency.
  • Acknowledging the significance of the CalView technology, the customer recognized its intrinsic value, particularly in its ability to provide swift and comprehensive analyses immediately following each job.
  • This timely analysis not only contributed to the assurance of safe operations but also played a crucial role in averting potential challenges and setbacks.
  • The integration of the CalView tool serves as a valuable asset in ensuring well integrity and operational safety, aligning with the customer's commitment to excellence in oilfield activities.



Well Type


Hole Size


Casing Size

9-5/8 in.

Liner Size

7 in.


7,890.42 ft (2,406 m)


A 3D view of the casing condition.
A CalView tool’s log showing casing deformation.

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