Composite Frac Plugs

Lightweight confidence that cleans out fast

Quickly isolate wellbores for multizone, high-pressure stimulations and start production sooner with exclusive Minima™ Resolve composite-plug technology. Their lightweight ceramic buttons reliably set and hold pressures in either direction then quickly drillout without heavy-metal components—leaving a clean wellbore for fast, efficient production.

Field-proven reliability, five-minute drillout

Minima Resolve Short Composite Plug

Start production sooner with composite plugs that easily break up into small fragments and effectively flow out of the wellbore before production begins. Minima Resolve plugs are rigorously tested to confidently meet or exceed all high-pressure/high-temperature ISO/API standard

Minima Resolve Short Composite Plug

Quick-set security, easy removal

Minima Resolve Composite Bridge Plug

Save rigtime and operations costs during testing and remediation procedures requiring reliable pressure-holds from above and below. Minima Resolve lightweight materials provide high-strength durability for stimulating single or multiple zones in vertical, deviated, horizontal, or multilateral wells.

Minima Resolve Composite Bridge Plug

Maximize the advantages

Deploy Fast, Hold Strong, Clean Easy

Go from stimulation to production sooner with field-proven Minima Resolve composite plugs that add zonal-hold confidence and save valuable rigtime. Simply complete the information below and a completions specialist will contact you soon.