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Advanced Restoration for Aging Assets: The Fastest Path to Production 

Operators of aging assets can now take advantage of digitalized machine learning and data analytics, in conjunction with traditionally effective production enhancement solutions, to achieve significantly higher returns by adjusting operating philosophies toward enhanced production optimization in the later phases of a well’s productive life. Weatherford collaborates with existing production specialists to fully rejuvenate and optimize a diminishing field through a three-step process for maximized results. These steps are: Restore well productivity, extend asset life, and produce sustainably through streamlined operations. Create faster gains with reduced maintenance costs, less deferred production, reduced carbon emissions, and enhanced returns with abbreviated interventions of declining wells now.

Restore Production

Cost-effective intervention, well services, hydraulic stimulation, and artificial-lift enhancements maximize returns without a rig or well shut-ins.

Increase Flow Rates

Identify underperforming wells, evaluate current conditions, and remove obstructions with select intervention solutions and specialized artificial-lift technologies to achieve production targets at minimal cost.

Extend Productive Life

Rejuvenation technologies and services determine optimal solutions that address productivity challenges. These provisions structure compensation on predicted outcomes, sharing risk, and providing higher levels of economic decision making and control for longer productivity.

Perform Remote Adjustments

Digitalization capabilities reduce costs by operating assets from a central location. Instead of sending personnel, trucks, or well testing equipment away for every issue, operators can use fewer personnel and resources to perform remote monitoring and adjustments.

Minimize Expenditures

The production-optimization platform in conjunction with a field-service-manager module is ideal for maximizing recovery and selecting operational activities with higher ROI. By leveraging a cross-trained team of experts in integrated production and intervention operations, operational expenditures are reduced to enhance safety exposure and operational efficiency.

Performance Enhancers

  • ForeSite® Platform
  • ForeSite Sense monitoring
  • Inverse Gas Lift System
  • Production Logging Services
  • Renaissance® WDCL Safety Valve System
  • SecureView® Evaluation
  • Thru-Tubing Fishing and Milling
  • Widepak® Straddle Packer

Extend Asset Life

Continuous reservoir monitoring, fit-for-purpose artificial-lift technology, and recovery management together maximize effective production rates while protecting equipment and the reservoir.

Forecast Performance Issues

Reservoir monitoring, predictive analytics, and instant alerts recognize changes in well behavior, identify integrity or equipment issues, and schedule proactive remediation services. Eliminate last-minute responses to problems and avoid shut-ins with lost production.

Execute Effective Repairs

Optimize production fast using a single point of contact that simplifies all processes leveraging a portfolio of solutions that work together, superseding one-size-fits-all answers with multiple contingencies for well designs and production profiles.

Performance Enhancers

  • CygNet® IoT/SCADA Platform
  • ForeSite® Platform
  • ForeSite Edge Controller
  • Artificial Lift Solutions
Extend Asset Life

Produce Sustainably

Operations are simplified by prioritizing jobs, reducing costs, and mitigating risk of workovers and rigless-interventions through predictive failure analysis.

Improve Subsurface Characterization

Artificial intelligence and automated machine learning evaluate reservoir behavior and analyze well placements within by mapping fluid movements and production trends. Then create a comprehensive rejuvenation plan for all wells to increase recovery.

Maximize Recoverable Production

Enhanced certainty from newly populated models helps execute any given strategy to improve contact with the reservoir. Isolating specific intervals, reperforating zones of interest, stimulating the formation, and implementing water-injection programs all enable higher ROIs.

Advance ESG Initiatives

Rejuvenation and optimization efforts are the most economical advancement toward meeting the emerging Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities. Fewer wells drilled, less maintenance, and consolidated operations mean less carbon emissions while helping to incorporate green-energy initiatives into industry practices.

Performance Enhancers

  • Production Logging
  • ForeSite Flow Multiphase Metering
  • ForeSite Sense Monitoring
  • Red Eye® Water-Cut Meter
  • Perforating Services
  • Re-Entry Services
  • Memory Raptor®
Produce Sustainably

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