Carbon Capture and Storage Solutions

Permanent carbon storage

Harness world-class engineering, advanced digitalization, and proven technologies to create customized and scalable carbon capture solutions designed to last. Permanent, reliable, and controlled, our carbon storage solutions are efficiently engineered to meet your unique project challenges, decarbonize the planet and optimize injection now and in the future.

High-resolution casing and cement evaluation


Single-trip, high-resolution casing and cement diagnostics.


Cased hole evaluation system

Raptor™ 2.0

Cased-hole evaluation system providing clear and accurate reservoir data.

Raptor 2.0

Push-the-bit Rotary Steerable System

Magnus™ RSS

Combine reliable, high-performance drilling with precise directional control to satisfy your need for speed without sacrificing directional control.

Magnus RSS

OneTouch Automated Tubular Running System


Using artificial intelligence, Vero automates connection makeup and evaluation for improved well integrity, efficiency, and safety.


The most reliable safety valves


Safety valves maximizing health, safety, and environmental performance, with the highest field-proven reliability record in the industry.


Innovation for a sustainable future

ForeSite® SENSE

Delivering continuous, actionable intelligence for any well, in any environment, and every budget with distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS).

ForeSite SENSE

Analysis of real-time operational data

CygNet™ SCADA Platform

Collect, manage, and distribute critical operational data across your enterprise to support strategic decision-making and optimized operations.

CygNet SCADA Platform

Plug and abandonment solutions


Comprehensive approach to responsibly and securely abandon wells with a high-degree of integrity.

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Permanent, reliable, and controlled, our carbon capture storage solutions are efficiently engineered to meet your unique challenges. Harness the power of digitalization and lower the risk of human error and connection issues in wells with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Run health diagnostics with a suite of high-resolution casing and cement evaluation tools supported by well-barrier-envelope technology.

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