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March 2, 2022 / 0 comments / in Product Release  / by Lawrence Liu

We are pleased to announce that the newest release of CygNet version 9.6 is now available from the CygNet Software download site for installation or upgrade.

CygNet 9.6 contains many exciting features, enhancements, and updates; the most significant enhancements are listed below:

Email Notifications in the GNS

You may have heard that Microsoft plans to disable Basic Authentication in Exchange Online effective October 1, 2022. In response we have enhanced the General Notification Service (GNS) to support a modern authorization protocol OAuth 2.0 for user authentication with Microsoft Cloud service resources for processing email notifications, supplementing the soon-to-be-obsolete basic authentication mode. The OAuth 2.0 authorization mode in the GNS uses the Microsoft Graph API, a RESTful web API that enables authorization access to Microsoft Cloud service resources, including Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory.

Canvas HMI Client

Several new and enhanced controls, configuration and scripting options, and improved usability features have been implemented in Canvas v9.6. 

New Map Control

The most exciting of these items is the new Map control, which gives geographical context to your facility data. The map supports multiple map layers, which can be used to display CygNet facility location data via three types of visual items, including:

  • Images — an image or an icon, e.g., an oil droplet image shown at a well site
  • Shapes — a geometric shape, e.g., a diamond showing information about the facility
  • Objects — a Canvas object, e.g., a donut or linear gauge showing information about the facility.

The following images show a map control in Road and Aerial mode, driven by a Tag Chooser with an associated CygNet Grid showing data for the facilities displayed on the map.

Map control in Road mode

Map control in Aerial mode

The following video demonstrates a Map control driven by a Tag Chooser. As the user scrolls (zooms) into the Louisiana region on the map the facilities included change and the associated CygNet Grid changes to reveal facility data.


New Canvas Buttons

Also in v9.6 are two new types of buttons that can be easily implemented without requiring any scripted code: a Navigation Button, which supports hyperlinking to other screens, and a SetPoint Button, which supports setting a new point value.

See the CygNet v9.6 Release Notes for a list of the other new and modified features in Canvas v9.6.

Remote Devices

Enhancements, modifications, and fixes have been implemented in several remote device EIEs and device template files in this release. Some highlights include DNP3 EIE and DNP3 Emerson EIE support for a special built-in UIS command to issue an integrity poll, plus automatic polling to trigger configured commands. EFM support has been added to the DNP3 Emerson EIE for Emerson FB3000 flow devices. And a new driver, the Modbus Pickford EIE, has been added to support the DrSCADA P700 Wellhead Manager pump controller field device.

See the CygNet v9.6 Release Notes for a list of the other new and modified EIE features in CygNet v9.6.

Measurement and Dispatch

An array of enhancements, modifications, and fixes for CygNet Measurement and Dispatch are included in CygNet v9.6 to improve performance and usability. Note that Dispatch v9.6 requires CygNet Bridge API v4.5 to operate.

See the CygNet v9.6 Release Notes for a complete list of the Measurement and Dispatch changes.

CygNet OPC UA Server

In July 2021 we added a native OPC UA server, CygNet OPC UA Server, which communicates with a CygNet system to request and receive data via HTTP/HTTPS using via our flexible intermediary REST API application, CygNet Bridge API. The CygNet OPC UA Server is available in both CygNet v9.5 and CygNet v9.6 and requires CygNet Bridge API v4.4 or later to operate.

CygNet Bridge and Bridge API

Some enhancements have been made to CygNet Bridge and Bridge API to support the new CygNet OPC UA Server and these enhancements are also available for general use. Note that CygNet v9.6 requires CygNet Bridge API v4.5 to operate if using Dispatch v9.6 features.

See the CygNet v9.6 Release Notes for a complete list of the CygNet Bridge API changes.

CygNet Operator Mobile App

A new version of the CygNet Operator Mobile App v2.3 for iOS mobile devices is now available from the Apple App Store. The app allows field operators to view current data, trend historical data, and view and acknowledge both CAS and GNS alarms in a single operation on an Apple iPhone or iPad.

Contact your Account Manager or CygNet Sales ( for more information.


As in v9.4 and v9.5, our product documentation is available online. This is a great way to keep up to date with the changes within the software, as well as simplify finding relevant data quickly and efficiently.

The CygNet 9.6 product documentation is now available here:

You can also check out other useful release documents:

In Closing

We encourage all users to upgrade to the latest version of CygNet as soon as possible. Please refer to the release notes for more information on new features and functionality that have been added to CygNet v9.6.

We are currently working on new features for the CygNet community to be released this coming year. Watch the CygNet blog for announcements or attend the 2022 Weatherford Enterprise Software Conference later in the year for a preview of what’s to come in CygNet v9.7.

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