Announcing CygNet Thin Web Client 1.2

December 19, 2023 / 0 comments / in Canvas  General  Product Release  Thin Web Client  / by Brandon Fore

We are very excited to announce the latest release of the CygNet Thin Web Client (TWC), v1.2.

TWC leverages familiar CygNet screen building techniques to construct web-based workflows displaying data from your existing CygNet servers. We’ve been busy adding controls and functionality to TWC, and fixing a few issues, including the following:

TWC v1.2 Highlights

  • Detail – The Detail control is a single-value control that displays real-time data in multiple formats within the same control, including: three tokenized text strings, a small sparkline, and a flip arrow to display related data in a Canvas object. The Detail also supports the TWC context menu showing current value attributes, alarm acknowledgment, alarm summary details, and a trend of recent value history.

  • Sparkline – The Sparkline control displays historical data for a single point on a single line in TWC. The Sparkline also supports live updating.
  • Trend Chart in TWC Context Menu – The content menu now includes an optional chart for any control displaying analog point data. When enabled the trend displays the last eight hours of value history and updates with each new point value.
  • Chart Live Updating – You can now see chart live updates in the TWC. As live data is received for the associated point, the series line will update to trend data at a real-time pace.
  • Hide Unreliable Points in Chart – You can now hide data points in a trend if the points are marked as unreliable.
  • Collapsible Tag Chooser – The Tag Chooser now supports a collapsible and hidden mode, which is useful for screens viewed on a mobile phone or tablet allowing you to preserve valuable screen real estate.
  • Grid Color – New color options have been added to the Alarm Grid and CygNet Grid to support customization of the grid's background color, and the background and text color of the grid's header.
  • Buttons – Now support background blinking for unacknowledged alarms.
  • CygNet Reference Packages and Installer – Now available for installation and screen creation. The screens, workflows, and sample data provided in the CygNet Reference Package represent the most current capabilities of Canvas and the CygNet TWC and is offered as an example of how you might implement Canvas and TWC to create a similar set of screens for your operators to visualize enterprise data in the Canvas view and/or the TWC view. A is included with the CygNet Thin Web Client v1.2 upgrade files and contains all the files and instructions you need to get started.


Two new controls added in Canvas 9.7 only.

  • Media Viewer – A Media Viewer control is available to add videos to Canvas screens.
  • Dynagraph – Coming in January 2024. A Dynagraph control to display dynagraph cards for the Pump-Off Control (POC) facilities in your CygNet system.


The CygNet Thin Web Client v1.2 is now available for download from the CygNet Software download site.

A required Canvas patch for v9.7 users is available from the CygNet Software download site.

Information about a Canvas v9.6 patch will be coming soon.


Our product documentation is available online. The updated CygNet 9.7 product documentation is now available here:

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