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September 8, 2015 / 0 comments / in General  / by CygNet Blog Admin

We want this blog to continue to provide our customers with the information you need to be successful with CygNet. To that end, we’d like your help.

Are there specific topics you always wondered about but haven’t found enough information on?

Do you have technical questions that you’ve never been able to get answered?

Are there parts of the CygNet product that remain a mystery to you?

Blog Feedback

What sorts of articles have you found the most useful and would like to see more of? How-to guides to scripting in CygNet, like we have previously posted? In-depth analysis of messaging and database indexes, like the series on screen performance? Previews of coming features, like the update on CygNet Mobile or the coverage of our new .NET APIs?

We value whatever feedback you have on what we’ve written so far and what we might offer in the future. Please help us ensure the usefulness of the blog by taking a moment to share your thoughts below.

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