Onshore Gas Lift Systems

Add Productive Life, Value, and Safety in Any Onshore Gas Lift Well

Take advantage of premium gas lift solutions featuring turnkey designs, expert monitoring, and field analysis for maximized well performance and profitability. Extend the productive life of low-producing conventional wells, shale systems, and onshore completions with industry-leading, gas lift expertise and remedial services that deliver ideal economic performance for the life of your well.

Gain the edge within any gas lift condition

Specialty Gas Lift Systems

Enhance production, safety, and confidence for any challenging well with industry-leading, gas lift designs made with fit-for-purpose engineering.

Continuous Flow

Maximize the natural productive flow of your well with high-efficiency, gas injection systems. Weatherford has a very large footprint in the onshore business as the most used gas lift systems for decades. Current focus has been in unconventional areas, by developing customized in-depth features to enhance continuous flow production using gas lift continuous improvement.

Field-Proven Continuous Flow Results

Intermittent Flow

Elevate bottom-line results in low-producing/mature wells, featuring industry-leading shut-in and production technologies. Adapt to any stage of the life of the well. Reduce buyback injection gas lift consumption by implementing intermittent gas lift later in life of well.

Field-Proven Intermittent Flow Results

Annular Flow

Increase flow areas with larger inner diameters to assist unloading wells during initial production stages. Identify early production gas lift start-up leveraging offshore technology. Attain full-life production potential with a more holistic view High pressure gas lift and provide a smooth transition from high pressure fracked wells to ease into the well’s mid -life.

Field-Proven Annular Gas Lift Results 

Hybrid Flow

Extend production efficiency as well flows decline without workovers and their associated OPEX costs. Recover tail end reserves by implementing gas lift unloading techniques or Hybrid artificial lift solutions such as GAPL/PAGL.

Field-Proven Hybrid Flow Results

Specialty Gas-Lift Systems

Achieve optimal flow performance

Gas Lift Valves

Trust the unsurpassed inventory, field-proven experience, and uncompromising performance for long-lasting, gas lift control within all intermittent and continuous-lift applications.

Conventional Valves

Improve the economics of shallow onshore wells, smaller tubular systems, and wells with predictable production characteristics.

Conventional Gas Lift Valves

Wireline Retrievable

Extend run life and maintain gas lift efficiency with high-quality, cost-effective selection of retrievable valves.

Wireline Retrievable Gas Lift Valves

Dummy Valves

Isolate tubing strings from the annulus during interventions to prevent communication during pressurized maintenance.

Dummy Gas Lift Valves

Pilot Valves

Control intermittent gas injections with a variety of reliable choke-control systems.

Pilot Gas Lift Valves

Gas-Lift Valves

Maintain completion integrity under any conditions

Gas Lift Mandrels

Deliver industry-leading reliability and performance for every gas lift application with conventional, side-pocket, and high-pressure mandrels.

Conventional Mandrels

Deliver industry-leading reliability and performance for every gas lift application with conventional, side-pocket, and high-pressure mandrels.

Conventional Gas Lift Mandrels

Side-Pocket Mandrels

Install gas lift valves and other downhole components via wireline without pulling the tubing.

Side-Pocket Gas-Lift Mandrels

Gas-Lift Mandrels

Target wellbore production enhancement

Downhole Injection Systems

Deploy best-suited, valve-and-mandrel combinations within the ideal locations and at the most effective rates and pressures. Increase production and reduce viscosity for steamflooding to displace all residual oil with waterflooding or deliver production-enhancing chemicals.


Sweep production fluids toward producing wells for enhanced pressures within depleted reservoirs.

Waterflood-Injection System


Control steam-injection rates for enhanced operations, steam quality, and production efficiency.

Steam-Injection System

Chemical injection

Improve wellbore stability with precision injection systems that add reliability and enhance results.

Chemical-Injection Equipment

Downhole Injection Systems

Lock and retrieve your valves with ease


Keep valves locked in place during all operation-and-release and pulling procedures. Choose from a variety of wireline-retrievable latches for 1-in. and 1.5-in. gas lift, chemical-injection, and special-application mandrels.


Choose from a variety of wireline-retrievable latches for locking gas lift, chemical-injections, and special application devices into mandrels.



Expedite gas valve installation

Kickover Tools

Simplify operations with quick and precise, flow-device placement featuring kickover tools for gas lift chemical injections, waterfloods, and other applications.

Kickover Tools

Install flow devices with precision for gas lift, chemical injection, waterflooding, corrosion monitoring, and other applications.

Kickover Tools

Kickover Tools

Add top-tier precision to wireline-retrievable equipment

Gas Lift Accessories

Gain safety, performance, and efficiency with wireline-retrievable standing valves, tubing stops, tubing packoffs, choke valves, and running-and-pulling tools.

Gas Lift Accessories

Discover a portfolio of gas lift components and tools that add safety, performance, and efficiency.

Gas Lift Accessories

Gas-Lift Accessories


Weatherford gas lift experts can enhance your completion design to optimize production throughout the life of your well.

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