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ForeSite® Autonomous Control

Increases Production by 20 STBPD, Simplifies Rod-Lift Operations, Improves Response Time


  • Implement autonomous control (AUC) for reciprocating rod-lift (RRL) wells to continuously optimize the well performance and reduce failures.

Our Approach

  • In close collaboration with the end users, a team of Weatherford production software and petroleum engineering consultants developed a logic that can autonomously optimize RRL well operations by controlling setpoints using ForeSite and CygNet®.
  • The project was set to develop, test, and configure the automated setpoint control script.
  • The AUC script utilized three distinct controller types on both conventional and Rotaflex® surface units and was operated in both Recommendation Mode and Control Mode for 20 wells in pilot.
  • Ongoing support after deployment was provided.

Value to Customer

  • The deployed AUC optimized strokes per minute (SPM) by checking controllers and ForeSite setpoints. The control logic functions mitigated under-pumping and over-pumping conditions by operating the well at peak performance conditions.
  • During the project, one pilot well showed pump fillage above target after the AUC made a minor speed adjustment, increasing oil production by 20 STBPD. Another well faced surface restriction, which, once removed, allowed the AUC to restore optimal performance conditions.
  • The customer expanded this solution to over 700 rod-lift wells that share the same controller type.


USA, North Dakota

Well Type

Reciprocating rod-lift


ForeSite Autonomous Control

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