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Delivers 40% Saving in Deepwater West Africa


The TRIDENT System is a single-trip cut and pull rotational spear which incorporates several innovative trip-saving features, including an integral tension set packer, a hydraulically activated spear and a cutting mode which eliminates the accumulation of swarf at surface. In a single trip, the TRIDENT System can run and set a bridge plug or dress a cement plug; cut casing; circulate annular gas; and recover casing to surface.

Our Approach

TRIDENT was deployed from a deepwater drill ship in West Africa for a slot recovery operation in 3,700ft of water. CNR required a Bridge Plug to be set at 6,660ft, well fluid displaced, then 13 3/8” casing to be cut below the shoe at 6,614ft and recovered from 3,748ft to allow for an open-hole Sidetrack.

Value to Customer

Ardyne’s TRIDENT system provided the capability to complete the operation in a single trip. A third party Bridge Plug was run below the TRIDENT and set mechanically prior to pulling back to cut depth and setting the TRIDENT Anchor. The Anchor removes the requirement for a Marine Swivel in deepwater applications, allowing the string to be spaced out anywhere. The cutter was then activated before verifying the casing was free from bottom. After relocating the TRIDENT Anchor below the casing hanger, the casing was recovered to surface.



West Africa


This deepwater application was completed from the Transocean Discoverer India.

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