Integrated Innovative EOR Approach with Coiled-Tubed Multistage Frac


Rafis Sharipov (Weatherford LLC) | Vyacheslav Andreev (Weatherford LLC) | Nikolay Parshin (RITEK JSC)


SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Publication Date

October 24, 2016


SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference and Exhibition, 24-26 October, Moscow, Russia

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Very often it takes a great amount of time for a well commisimng. One of processes, costly on time, are geological and technical actions for increase of oil recovery of layer and also the subsequent development of a well. Especially for the reducing the time and the cost the fracturing stimulation method with coiled tubing has been developed. This method was used in one of the wells at Vladimir Vinogradov field in Khanty-Mansy Autonomous District. During experienced and production works, 16-stage fracturing in liner with sliding sleeves using coiled tubing has been carried out.

Standard geological and technical actions include consecutive carrying out multistage fracturing with preliminary activation of each port, with the subsequent attraction of CT fleet for clean out and nitrogen lifting of a well. Activation of ports before the fracturing happens by activation balls (composite, aluminum, soluble) or by the special tool with involvement of CT fleet.

The principle of described technology above is the following: after fracturing the first zone (from the bottomhole), the assembly is released using an auto mechanism and the whole BHA is moved to the next frac port, which is then opened with a mechanical shifting tool. The packer is actuated below the newly opened port to isolate previously treated intervals. The packer is set mechanically by coiled tubing moving up/down.

After performed fracturing there are opportunities to make conventional normalization by pumping down thru coiled tubing or reverse circulation to remove proppant in case of screen-out.

The job was successful. The total pumped volume was 960 tons of proppant, 60 tons per interval. All operations were completed in less than two weeks and without tripping out of the hole. Packer setting/release loads were within the acceptable for coiled tubing stress range. The fracturing was also performed with standard parameters.

This innovating layout has significantly enhanced the efficiency of operations in comparison with the traditional method. For this project bottomhole assembly was upgraded for more safe works.