Flow Measurement

Obtain accurate water-cut and flow-rate data in real time

We provide continuous, consistent, and reliable flow measurements that surpass conventional methods. Our water-cut meters, multiphase meters, and custom metering solutions integrate into your topside, wellhead, subsea, and downhole operations to provide consistently accurate measurements in any oilfield environment.

Gas-Flow Measurement

Measure well pressure and flow rate with an integrated system

Our gas-flow measurement suite helps you to achieve optimal well and field performance even with differing gas pressures and flow rates.


Acquire custody-transfer-quality measurements here

Gas-Flow Measurement

Multiphase Flow Measurement

Analyze individual-phase flow rates without separation

Our multiphase flow measurement products deliver accurate and continuous individual- or group-well flow rate measurement for all oil, water, and gas phases.


Eliminate the need for bulky test separators here

Multiphase Flow Measurement

Water-Cut Meters

Detect and track water onset in real time

Our Red Eye® water-cut meters provide real-time measurements across the full range of water cut (0 to 100 percent).


Distinguish water from gas and liquid hydrocarbons here

Red Eye water-cut meter