Wireline Services

Maximize reservoir understanding and guide production decisions

From early field exploration to mature-field production, we provide proven reservoir intelligence, actionable wireline data, and flawless service execution. Our proprietary technologies and conveyance systems can help you to characterize the formation, design an efficient completion, assess productivity, diagnose downhole issues, and inform infill drilling programs. Our technologies operate in either real-time or memory mode to give you the operational flexibility to log any job, anywhere.

Gather valuable information to optimize reservoir performance

Openhole Wireline

Our comprehensive portfolio of openhole wireline technologies provide information that guides your life-of well decisions to ultimately maximize recovery of reserves.

Openhole Wireline

Evaluate and diagnose downhole issues

Cased-Hole Wireline

We provide actionable reservoir data that diagnoses your downhole issues, pinpoints bypassed production, and gives a hyper-accurate well-integrity assessment that helps ensure maximum asset recovery.

Cased-Hole Wireline

Acquire a complete depth-to-surface seismic study

Geophysical Services

As an industry leader in vertical seismic profile services, microseismic surveys, and permanent seismic monitoring, our borehole seismic services deliver a complete reservoir-behavior study.


Borehole Seismic Services

Obtain a full spectrum of logs, even in complex wellbores

Wireline Conveyance

Our Assure™ wireline conveyance systems ensure that you achieve a complete formation analysis—including cross-dipole sonic, imaging, formation pressure, lithology, porosity, natural gamma ray, and resistivity logs—even in complex wellbore trajectories. Combined with our comprehensive array of memory-capable wireline tools, our conveyance systems mitigate logging risks in horizontal, multilateral, highly deviated, S-curved, and tight wells.

Assure system

Reduce wireline footprint with flexible surface equipment

Wireline Surface Equipment

From lightweight helicopter-skid packages to arctic-grade equipment, we design and install a customized array of logging units, pressure-control equipment, and data-acquisition systems.

Wireline Surface Equipment

Gain insight into your reservoir with intuitive answer products

Interpretation and Evaluation Services

Our extensive portfolio of answer products includes high-resolution borehole image interpretation, acoustic slowness and geomechanical applications, petrophysical analysis, and well-integrity issue identification.

Obtain oilfield-quality logs for your mining operations

Slimline Logging Services

Whether your target is coal, minerals, or unconventional hydrocarbons, our oilfield-proven slimline services acquire and interpret high-resolution logs of your asset. With 40 years of experience in mineral exploration and geophysics, our small-diameter tools reduce exploration costs with accurate lithology, geomechanical properties, and ore-boundary definitions for any asset.

Slimline truck

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