Openhole Wireline

Determine asset value and set the stage for efficient production

We deliver an accurate assessment of your asset potential. Our comprehensive portfolio of openhole wireline technologies—including our slim and memory-capable Compact suite—provide clear and actionable data in wells that simply cannot be characterized by any other tool. By gathering valuable formation data regardless of downhole conditions, our services guide the drilling, completion, stimulation, and production decisions that ultimately help you maximize recovery of your reserves.

Acoustic Logging Services

Determine surrounding rock geomechanics

Our Compact sonic and ultrasonic arrays provide monopole and cross-dipole measurements. Efficient yet effective, our acoustic services help to you determine anisotropy, pore pressure, wellbore stability, and more.

Learn about the Compact cross-dipole sonic tool here

Real Result: logging-while-coring in 3.83-in. well

Real Result: super-combo logging in memory mode

Acoustic Logging Services

Fluid Characterization and Sampling

Acquire representative fluid samples and precise PVT data

From basic sampling to a full-suite reservoir evaluation system in technically challenging wells, our technologies—including the slim Compact™ formation sampler—help you to understand pressure and fluid properties and improve production rates.

Learn about our Compact formation sampler here

Real Result: First-ever sampling in 3.5-in. tubulars

Real Result: Sampling in a low-permeability well


Geological Services

Update your geological models with high-resolution logs

Our Compact portfolio of microimagers deliver unmatched image quality. We provide high-quality geological data acquisition and analysis that helps you identify faults and fractures, determine dip angles, and evaluate secondary porosity.

Learn about our Compact microimager here

Learn about our Compact oil-base-mud microimager here

Learn about our wireline imaging capabilities here

Geological Services

Petrophysical Services

Predict fluid behavior within the rock

With complete direct or interpreted petrophysical characterization services, we can help you determine rock type and quality, fluid type and mobility, water saturation and more.

Learn about the Compact cross-dipole sonic tool here

Real Result: Logging a live-gas well with underbalanced pressure

Real Result: Decreasing sand production by 20% through characterization

Petrophysical Services