Openhole Wireline

Gather valuable information to optimize reservoir performance

Our comprehensive portfolio of openhole wireline technologies, along with expert logging interpretation, help guide your drilling, completion, stimulation, and production decisions for maximum recovery of reserves.

Characterize rock and fluid properties

Petrophysical Services

With direct or interpreted petrophysical characterization that includes resistivity, nuclear density, and nuclear porosity data, we can help you to assess formation properties, bed thickness, lithologies, porosity, fluid type, as well as water and hydrocarbon saturation.


Petrophysical Services

Advance characterization with deep and accurate understanding

Advanced Petrophysical Services

Using progressive technology—including the industry’s slimmest geochemical spectrometer and a focused magnetic resonance tool—we offer detailed answers on lithology, mineralogy, porosity, density, permeability, fluid typing, and more.

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Detect variations in rock properties

Acoustic Logging Services

Featuring the Compact™ cross-dipole sonic tool, our acoustic logging services provide measurements for anisotropy, permeability, fracture identification, depth/time conversion, and rock geomechanics.

Acoustic Logging Services

Update your geological models with high-resolution logs

Geological Services

With a Compact™ microimager and oil-based imager, our geological services deliver high-resolution data to assess faults, fractures, thin beds, dip angles, rock type, and rock quality.

Geological Services

Acquire representative fluid samples and precise PVT data

Fluid Characterization and Sampling

An advanced formation testing platform and an innovative, slim PVT sampler enable us to obtain pressures, determine fluid properties, and take samples from 3 7/8 to 12 1/4-in. hole sizes.


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