Artificial-Lift Systems

Lift smarter, increase production, and get maximum return from your field assets

Our comprehensive approach to artificial lift provides you with the technology, tools, and know-how to maximize production and minimize costs. Whether you’re operating in conventional, unconventional, deepwater, heavy-oil, or mature wells, Weatherford delivers an industry-leading lift portfolio and unmatched expertise to give you a distinct advantage.

Automation and Control

Monitor and control pumping performance in real time

To keep your wells up and running and to increase operational efficiency, we design efficient monitoring and control systems for all forms of artificial lift. 


Monitor, control, and automate production

Automation and Control

Capillary Technologies

Deliquify gas wells to enhance production economically

Our capillary injection systems and services help you to maximize production, enhance safety, and protect your investment. Targeted foam injection deliquifies the wellbore and enhances lift with quick, rigless installation. 


Enhance lift and treat wellbore fluids

 Capillary Technologies

COROD® Continuous Rod

Eliminate rod-tubing friction to extend rod-string and tubing life in deviated wells

With couplings only at the top and bottom of the rod string, COROD continuous rod minimizes the potential for rod-string failures and costly interventions. It is available in various grades and in multiple sizes of round- and semi-elliptical-shaped rod for a wide range of applications.


Extend rod-string and tubing life

Eliminate rod-tubing friction to extend rod-string and tubing life in deviated wells

Electric Submersible Pumps

Maximize performance and reduce lifting costs

Born with the benefit of hundreds of ESP installations, the Weatherford ESP, Powered by Valiant, delivers unsurpassed uptime for your high-flow wells.

Achieve peak uptime here

Weatherford ESP, Powered by Valiant

Gas-Lift Systems

Maximize production and safety performance in gas-lifted wells

Our turnkey gas-lift solutions include gas-lift design, monitoring, and analysis to maximize the performance and profitability of your wells—whether low-producing conventional wells, high-producing shale wells, or prolific deepwater wells.


Inject some gas-lift expertise

Jet-Pump Systems

Enhance production and profitability with long-lasting, low-maintenance lift

Jet pumps are deployed and retrieved without a rig and are well suited for a wide range of applications across every production stage of your unconventional wells. 


Deploy reliable, rigless lift

Jet Pump

Plunger Lift

Put a truly rigless solution to work in your wells

Plunger lift is a cost-effective, completely rigless solution to deliquify gas wells to maintain stable gas production, as well as to enhance production in oil wells with high gas-to-liquid ratios.


Put plunger lift to work

Put a truly rigless solution to work in your wells

Progressing Cavity Pump Systems

Tailor the materials to your well conditions

Our ISO 15136.1-compliant pumps are available in more than 50 distinct geometries. The pumps are engineered with durable elastomers and bonding systems formulated for oil, gas, and water reservoirs.


Progress to better PCP performance

Tailor the materials to your well conditions

Pumping Units

Pump up production with the strongest RRL portfolio and expertise

Whether you need a conventional, long-stroke, hydraulic, enhanced geometry, or low-profile reciprocating rod lift (RRL) unit, you’ve come to the right place. Weatherford is the world leader in RRL. 

We deliver unmatched experience and expertise to optimize your lift system.


Choose the right unit for your application

Pump up production with the strongest RRL portfolio and expertise

Sucker Rods

Extend run life with unsurpassed quality and technical support

We continually improve our sucker-rod fabrication processes, our system design, and our comprehensive failure analyses to reduce manufacturing costs and deliver unsurpassed performance in your challenging wells.


Run longer and control rod costs

Subsurface Rod Pumps

Tap into a vast reservoir of rod-pump expertise

Purchase downhole pumps from Weatherford, and you get more than just exceptional production equipment. You also get our unmatched decades of experience and our continual development of performance-enhancing technologies. 


Excel in any pumping environment

Subsurface Rod Pumps