Progressing Cavity Pump Systems

Tailor the materials to your well conditions

The reason progressing cavity pump (PCP) customers stay with Weatherford is simple—our PCP systems consistently exceed expectations. We provide unequaled technical expertise to deliver purpose-built PCP solutions for your specific application. That’s why our ISO 15136.1-compliant pumps are available in more than 50 distinct geometries. The pumps are engineered with durable elastomers and bonding systems formulated for oil, gas, and water reservoirs.

COROD® Continuous Rod

Reduce torque and friction in deviated PCP wells

With no couplings along the length of the string, COROD continuous rod preserves string integrity, increases reliability, decreases torque load on the drive, and reduces dangerous rod handling. 


Extend PCP system runtime

COROD® Continuous Rod

WellPilot® Flow Control Technology

Optimize production and extend pump life

Our WellPilot flow control technology (FCT) continuously monitors and regulates pump speed, which helps you to achieve optimal production and protect the system against flow losses.

Automate pump control in dynamic conditions

COROD® Continuous Rod