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Fat Boy® PCP with Top-Tier System

Increase MTBF from 55 to 370 Days, Decrease OPEX by 84%, Saves $2 Million in 9 Sand-Bearing Wells


  • Increase progressing cavity pump (PCP) uptime and run life in 9 wells with a history of sand obstruction at the PCP intake. The average meantime between failures (MTBF) is currently 55 days.
  • Reduce the cost of well ownership. With an average failure rate of 6 times per year, well OPEX is approximately $45,000 per failure, including rig fees and equipment, for a total asset expenditure of $2.4 million.

Our Approach

  • Following a thorough pre-job analysis, a Weatherford artificial lift solutions team recommended the Fat Boy PCP with top-tier system. This technology eliminates the need for a conventional tag bar pin and maximizes fluid inflow at the intake, which allows the rotor to agitate and maintain sand-particle suspension in the well. The Fat Boy PCP with top-tier system is also recommended for wells with intervention history related to plugging in the pump.
  • The team deployed the PCP solution to the wellsite. Following a three-day intervention, each well began producing within 3 hours. The installation was repeated for the remaining 8 wells.
  • The well, which previously failed every 55 days, now average 370 days. 

Value to Customer

  • Weatherford artificial lift solutions optimized the lift strategy for 9 failure-prone wells with a $2.4-million annual cost of ownership. Installing the Fat Boy PCP system with a top-tier system increased run life by 572%.
  • To date, the PCP solution reduced the total cost-of-well ownership by 84%, or $2 million, by eliminating failures for 370 days.



Well Type

Vertical oil producers

Number of Wells


Artificial Lift Type


Production Rate

240 B/D

Sand Cut


Well Depth

2,265 ft (690 m)


Fat Boy PCP systems dramatically improved run life in sand-bearing wells.
The Weatherford Fat Boy PCP uses a geometry that improves the ability to pump large, solid particles in sand-laden wells.

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