Safety and Service Quality

Our vision is to be a company that is incident free, delivers on our promises to our customers, and leaves the environments and communities in which we operate better than we found them.

At every level of our organization, we lead with a commitment to safety and service quality. It is embedded in our culture and everything we do.

We continue to deliver exceptional services to our customers. In 2018, our overall service quality performance improved once again and we achieved 22% year-over-year reduction in NPT per 1,000 operating hours.

Demonstrating Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is a fundamental component of our culture. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to the safety of our employees or those around us. To guide us on our journey to be incident-free, we have a suite of programs embedded into our overall operational management system:



Eight Gems

Identify hazards, manage risk, and reduce incidents

Our Eight GEMS (Getting Everyone Managing Safety) program is designed to educate employees and empower them to intervene when they see unsafe acts. Each GEM has an associated set of Rules to Live By which guide our employees’ behavior. Through this program, we have improved our employees’ ability to identify hazards, manage risk, and reduce incidents.


Driver and Vehicle Safety

I will ALWAYS drive to the conditions of the road and wear my seatbelt

I will ALWAYS take a break from driving whenever I am feeling fatigued

I will NEVER use my mobile phone or drive distracted


Commitment and Intervention

I will ALWAYS intervene and stop unsafe acts 

I will ALWAYS use approved safe work practices 

I will ALWAYS use the correct PPE for the task 


Facility Safety

I will ALWAYS use Lock Out Tag Out when required 

I will ALWAYS keep my workplace free of hazards 

I will ALWAYS secure equipment prior to working on it 

I will ALWAYS ensure that pressure tests are conducted in a controlled environment 


Induction and Training

I will NEVER start a task unless I am competent to complete it safely 

Short service employees will ALWAYS complete an induction, be clearly identified, and monitored 


Risk Management

I will ALWAYS use a Permit To Work when required

I will ALWAYS report an uncontrolled hazard 

I will ALWAYS stop to identify the hazards of the operation before starting work 


Lifting Equipment and Operations

I will ALWAYS inspect lifting equipment before use

I will ALWAYS secure loads prior to movement 

I will NEVER stand in the path of a moving load 


Hazardous Substances

I will ALWAYS review Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) before handling any hazardous substance 

I will ALWAYS follow the label instructions on containers and adequately store hazardous substances 

I will NEVER handle specialized materials unless I have been trained and am competent to do so 


Hazardous Environments

I will NEVER enter any confined space without authorization

I will ALWAYS be prepared for the environments that I will work in

I will ALWAYS ensure that trapped pressure is vented safely 

I will ALWAYS use fall protection equipment when working at heights 


HSE Excellence

We have reduced incidents and strengthened our safety culture

This program engages key leaders around the globe to create increased awareness regarding safety initiatives and the importance of behavior-based safety. As a result, we have significantly improved our proactive actions to reduce incidents and have further strengthened our safety culture.


Hand and Finger Injury Prevention

Measurable reduction in hand and finger injuries

Our Hand and Finger Injury Prevention Program actively addresses a common industry issue by educating our employees on proper equipment and mechanisms to keep them hands-free when operating machinery. The program has led to a measurable reduction in hand and finger injuries and we are proud to have received the Hart’s E&P 2016 Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation in recognition of its success.

man working




All scenarios were performed under a controlled environment to ensure the safety of everyone included.


Our goal is to support our customers with the highest levels of safety and service quality. The following outlines significant milestones and recognition from customers across our operations for our dedication to safety and service quality:


  • Weatherford received the Shell Argentina Meta Cero Award for having 18 Months Without HSE Incidents or Spills
  • The Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (IPAG) Comahue Geoling Award was also awarded to Weatherford in 2018
  • In Mexico, Weatherford received the Best Environmental, Quality, and Safety Initiative with the Pemex Supplier Award from the Suppliers Evaluation and Responsibility Program
  • From the Rockies, Pacific, and Alaska Region, Weatherford received 5 Years Without LTA or Accident with Chevron for our COROD Product Line
  • Weatherford received the 1 Contractor SSHE Champion in Russia from Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL) Sakhalin
  • In India, Weatherford was recognized as the Best HSE Performance for the Best Unit of the Quarter for Q3 2018, Cairn India Limited


  • Weatherford was named Wells Supplier of the Year 2017 by Shell. The award recognizes the high levels of safety and service quality that we have provided to Shell throughout the year, as well as our collaborative, solutions-based approach.
  • We were recognized by PTT Exploration and Production for achieving 10 years without lost time incident (LTI) in Thailand.
  • Our Secure Drilling facility in Aberdeen, Scotland, received API Q2* certification, becoming the first facility in the United Kingdom to achieve this certification.
  • Our facility in Macaé, Brazil, also achieved API Q2 certification.
  • Our Malaga, Australia, facility successfully achieved API Q2 certification, making us the first company in the country to receive this recognition.
  • Weatherford celebrated 8 years without LTI for our operations in Denmark.
  • Weatherford reached 16 years without LTI at our Songkhla facility.
  • We achieved 8 years without LTI at our Baku, Azerbaijan operations. 
  • Weatherford achieved 20 years without LTI at our East Leake facility in the UK.

* The American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification Q2 is the world's most advanced industry certification standard for oil and gas service providers. This achievement recognizes the robustness of our Operational Excellence and Performance System, which assures personnel competency, risk assessment, contingency planning, and many other key elements of safety and service quality.


Delivering Service Quality

As a leading oilfield services provider, we intimately understand the importance to deliver consistent quality products and services to our clients.

We invest in ongoing training and competency assurance of our people, and have an industry-leading operational management system (OEPS) that equips them with the tools and resources needed to conduct each job safely and efficiently.

We continued to deliver exceptional services to our customer in 2018. Our overall service quality performance improved once again this year, and we achieved 22% year-over-year reduction in NPT per 1,000 operating hours.

The statistics say it all. Considerable milestones marked 2018, as we increased our operating hours while significantly reducing NPT.

Delivering Service Quality Results

Protecting the Environment

We understand the importance of protecting and enhancing the environments in which we operate and live.

Our Four Tenets program encourages employees to take an active role through better management of our waste, water, land, and energy resources ranging from raising awareness to the simple actions we can take each day to make a difference, to more robust technical solutions. These environmentally conscious standards enable us to make the right choices and are directly related to the sustainability of our organization.

For more information on our environmental program, please visit our Sustainability section.

Four Tenets

Ensuring Security across the Globe

The security of our people is of great importance to Weatherford.

We work constantly to ensure we are as best prepared as possible to meet the challenges of tomorrow, wherever they may arise. Throughout our organization, we conduct training and education on the early identification of risk scenarios, ensure prompt notifications to employees if a situation arises, and have streamlined response and reporting protocols in place to make sure our employees remain out of harm’s way.


Weatherford Safety Performance

Our commitment to consistently improving the safety of our operations is evident in our safety performance trend.

Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) - Per 200K Operating Hours
Preventable Vehicle Incident Rate (PVIR) - Per 1M Miles Driven
Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) - Per 200K Operating Hours