Tubular Running Insurance

Drop the worry, not the strings.

Key to operational and well integrity is uninterrupted tubular running operations, but errors and oversight can lead to leaking, parted or dropped strings. Our solution to streamline your tubular running operations and maximize your efficiency is an industry-first tubular running insurance policy. This innovative approach reduces human factors, mitigates nonproductive time, and delivers cost certainty so you can safeguard your investment and protect your reputation.

Our trusted expertise and these technologies combine to go beyond conventional tubular running and deliver secure wells that last a lifetime.

Reduces human factors

Manually making up connections can lead to complacency, increasing the risks of mistakes, injuries, fatalities, or corporate reputation. The field-proven Vero applies artificial intelligence to evaluate connection integrity with absolute certainly while the StringGuard technology confirms string weight is transferred to the elevators to prevent dropped casing and tubing strings.

Mitigates nonproductive time

In addition to the safety hazards to field personnel, leaking, parted or dropped strings usually result in long fishing jobs that are not always successful and costly sidetracks. The combination of the StringGuard and Vero technology streamlines tubular running operations by running the optimal connections with fewer personnel and in less time than conventional operations.

Delivers cost certainty

With fewer damaged casings, operators complete tubular running operations more efficiently and reliably. Fewer personnel at the rig site translates into a safer rig site with decreased transportation and rig subsistence costs, producing less carbon. When viewed from a cost of ownership standpoint, the Tubular Running Insurance Policy reduces total well construction costs.


Engineered solutions to fundamental operations

Learn how Weatherford’s Tubular Running Insurance Policy can safeguard your investment and protect your reputation.