Produce Optimally in Unconventionals

more barrels

for less cost

As a pioneer and innovator in unconventional production, we are the only service company to offer integrated life-of­-asset artificial lift systems that help you solve your reservoir challenges and maximize production.

We can help you to lift smarter and meet any unconventional challenge:

Produce more barrels for less cost with our life-of-well production strategies.

From initial to late-stage production, our global expertise and broad portfolio of technologies help you refine and optimize your artificial-lift system at the well, field, and asset levels.

Our field-proven workflow begins with identification of the most cost-effective artificial lift method. For early production systems, our portfolio includes jet pumps, a proven technology for frac flowback, well cleanup, initial drawdown, and first production. For mid-to late-stage production, we offer fully integrated rod-lift systems, the world's leading gas-lift systems, and more

Select the Right Form of Lift

Select the Right Form of Lift

Combat aggressive decline curves with informed planning

The right form of lift isn’t a single answer.

Whether your scope is just one well or dozens, each is an opportunity to maximize your production potential. 

Leveraging the world’s deepest and broadest artificial-lift toolbox ― including jet pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, gas lift, conventional rod lift, long-stroke rod lift, foam lift, and plunger lift ― we create a production plan that delivers exactly what your well requires without favoring one form of lift over another.

Paired with our life-of-well chemical-injection, lift-monitoring, and production-optimization technologies, only Weatherford artificial-lift systems go beyond the status quo to deliver the right tools at the right time.

Transition between forms of lift

Transition between forms of lift

Decrease costs and increase production with a flexible lift system

Extend the economic life of your unconventional assets with a life-of-well lift plan.

Production and wellbore conditions change over the life of the well. Our innovative solutions  enable you to transition to more efficient lift systems — whether it’s gas-lift, rod-lift, or other technologies from our extensive toolbox — with minimal downtime and expense. 

Adapt to changing well conditions

Adapt to changing well conditions

Efficiently manage each and every stroke with our variable speed drives

Unconventional production must continually adapt to changing flow conditions.

An efficient artificial-lift system operates like a tuned symphony: the motor and pump communicate, coordinate, and operate at an optimal rate. The WellPilot® variable speed drive (VSD) delivers dynamic flow-rate control that continually adapts to the changing flow conditions in your well. 

Featuring a built-in, power-regenerative, variable-speed, rod-pump control with the best harmonics suppression system in the industry, the WellPilot VSD gives you infinite variations on the speed and torque of every stroke. 

Maximize profitability with our life-of-well production strategies.

Unconventional production often requires multiple artificial lift techniques installed in sequence. We help you to plan, build, maintain an efficient system along with a seamless — and often rigless —transition to the next form of lift. Our engineered solutions help you reduce overall production costs, reduce equipment failure rates, and defer CAPEX spending while still producing at the optimal rate.

Ditch the ESP for something better

Ditch the ESP for something better

Install reliable and efficient jet pumps and long-stroke pumping units

ESPs can break your production budget.

Our reliable and life-of-well alternatives offer ESP performance at a fraction of the cost. Deployed rig free, our jet pumps handle the high-volume gas and solids that guarantee ESP failure.

For late-stage production, our RotaFlex® long-stroke pumping units deliver high-volume power and durability to your rod-lift applications. Compared to ESPs, these technologies can achieve OPEX savings of up to 60 percent and millions of dollars over the life of a well.

Reduce Rod-Lifting Costs

Reduce Rod-Lifting Costs

Extend mid- to late-stage production profitability with our integrated systems

Our reciprocating rod-lift (RRL) systems enhance production in any unconventional asset.

As a global leader in rod-lift systems, we deliver unparalleled service excellence and expertise in pumping-unit service, repair, and refurbishment. Our fully integrated systems — including pumping units, rods, downhole pumps, controllers, and real-time analysis software — are available in all sizes and in both conventional and enhanced geometries.

Inject Intelligence into your gas-lift system

Inject Intelligence into your gas-lift system

Transform traditional equipment into instruments of insight

Smart gas-lift systems deliver more efficient injection, stronger production, and increased profitability.

Our intelligent solutions deliver the optimal amount of injection gas to every well. This rigless, low-cost solution continuously calculates and adjusts injection rates based on facility capacity and current production data. As a result, you get the most out of each and every gas-lifted well in your field.

Optimize production with big data

Optimize production with big data

Reduce the total cost of ownership for unconventional wells

Our systems optimize unconventional production at the well, field, and asset levels.

We integrate lift equipment, downhole and surface instrumentation, controllers, and advanced software applications to create efficient production solutions. Because an unconventional asset involves thousands of wells with different types of lift, we created a unified production optimization software platform that supports all forms of artificial lift, including rod-lift, plunger-lift, ESP-lift, injections, and gas lift.

Our real-time production automation and optimization solutions―including the ForeSite® software system―provide diagnostic reports, reduce power costs, and identify optimization opportunities.

Solids can grind your artificial lift system to a halt.

As the global leader in artificial lift, we continuously invest in efforts to solve common production problems including sand, paraffin, and corrosion. We research, design, manufacture, install, service, and optimize solutions for commonly encountered production problems.

Manage Sand Production

Manage Sand Production

Improve the profitability of your sandy, rod-pumped well

Nothing runs longer in sandy wells.

The patented sand-tolerant pump (STP) produces sand-bearing fluid to the surface through use of a proprietary, pressure-balanced wiper assembly and filter coupling. With more than 2,000 installations to date, STP replaces nearly any API-sized rod pump and increases pump run time up to 450 percent. 

Mitigate Paraffin and Corrosion Issues

Mitigate Paraffin and Corrosion Issues

Improve the delivery of your chemical treatments

Wellbore solids slowly choke the profitability from your wells.

Our capillary-injection systems inhibit paraffin, corrosion, and scale to maintain and stabilize flow while extending the life of your equipment.

With more than 120,000 capillary installations worldwide, our injection experts can help you maintain a clear and free-flowing wellbore. And through use of our unique capillary-injection tubing anchor, we can deliver inhibitor treatments below the tubing anchor with exceptional precision.

Control liquid accumulation

Control liquid accumulation

Unload gas wells efficiently

Our proactive liquids-management technologies enhance the productive life and profitability in unconventional gas wells.

The Weatherford portfolio of deliquification technologies — all of which can be automated with the WellPilot Deliquification System — unload water, remove the hydrostatic barrier, and restore gas flow.

Start Producing More Barrels for Less Cost

Unleash the potential of your assets at the well, field, reservoir, and enterprise levels.

Our unconventional lift experts and comprehensive selection of production optimization technologies can help you lift smarter. To learn how our solutions can work for you, please complete the contact form, and one of our technology experts will be in touch.