FWRD 2023 Conference

December 4, 2023 / 0 comments / in General  / by Brandon Fore

We are delighted to reflect on the successful hosting of the FWRD 2023 conference, particularly the CygNet breakout sessions. These sessions, brilliantly led by a mix of industry experts, CygNet developers, and Weatherford project teams, offered an in-depth exploration of various cutting-edge topics.

The insights provided by these sessions are not just for the present; they set a tone for what we can anticipate in the evolving landscape of technology and industry trends. The collaboration and exchange of ideas among professionals from various sectors highlighted the sessions' success and potential long-term benefits for the industry.

The FWRD 2023 conference, focusing on innovation and emerging trends, has undoubtedly set a high benchmark for future events and discussions within the CygNet community.

The slides can be accessed here:

FWRD – Weatherford

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Thank you to everyone who attended the FWRD 2023 conference this year. We got great feedback, and we're already starting to plan our FWRD for 2024. Stay tuned to the blog for future posts on the future FWRD conferences and CygNet User Groups!

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