Announcing CygNet 9.3

July 19, 2019 / 3 comments / in General  Tech Bulletin  / by Jacob Allred

We are pleased to announce that CygNet version 9.3 has completed our development and quality assurance cycles and is now available for download from the Weatherford CygNet download site. Here you can review the following highlights to see what is included in version 9.3.

For a full list, please see the Release Notes included in the 9.3 product documentation included on the CD Image.

Cloud Support

Link – Now supports publsihing DynaCards from the CygNet DDS and from the VHS-based ForeSite DynaCard Library, as well as to publishing compressed payloads using the Sparkplug B format.

IoT Sparkplug EIE – Improvements have been made to the IoT Sparkplug EIE that communicates with an MQTT server by way of the MQTT Comm EIE. Enhancements include support for reading compressed Sparkplug B payloads, DynaCards, optional aliases for Sparkplug metric names, and reducing overall message size for MQTT subscriptions.

MQTT Comm EIE – An update to the DDS Device Editor now allows you to configure a unique client ID for MQTT server connections.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) notifications are now supported, allowing the GNS to operate in the Cloud environment using the SIP protocol.


Several enhancements are included in 9.3 to improve management of CygNet alarms. You can now pause updates in the Alarm view grid (in the CygNet Explorer CAS view, CygNet Studio, and CygNet Vision) when the context menu is open and active, delayed reporting settings will now be followed if a point goes into alarm with an alarm record already in the CAS, the CVS will reset an analog point if it changes to a non-numeric value, and you can access Point Properties and Point Configuration dialogs for points reporting an alarm in the ELSALM.

Canvas and Canvas View

Many changes have been introduced to Canvas and Canvas View. You can now configure logging levels, and view Canvas view in full-screen mode, hiding other elements. Additionally, hypertext usage is more flexible between Canvas screens, objects, and nested views, and you can edit cells in a generic column of an Alarm Grid or a CygNet Grid in run mode.

CygNet EIEs

New CygNet EIEs available in this release include the BSAP IP Comm EIE in limited release (contact CygNet support to request the driver), and the DNP3 Emerson EIE.

CygNet Bridge and CygNet Bridge API

The CygNet Bridge API features in this new version include many new APIs, for Access, Alarms, Devices, Notes, and Tables data operations; the option to use two-factor authentication; and the availability of new license types to include add-on functionality groups as desired.

CygNet Measurement and Dispatch

CygNet Measurement features for the version 9.3 release include expanded support for liquid periodic history data, Jobs control enhancements for users of CygNet Dispatch, and several usability modifications to existing reports and commands.

CygNet Well Test Module

a dedicated Canvas plugin control assembly (CygNet.API.WellTest.Controls.dll) to configure well test configuration XML,

retrieve historical transaction data from a device and parse it into valid well test record output,

Well test Windows Service persists active well test actions in the event of unexpected service shutdown,

revised sample Well Test Canvas screens and scripts


new 64-bit versions of three CygNet utilities are included in CygNet v9.3, to handle the larger data sets often associated with 64-bit services

Group Manager (GrpMgr64.exe)

VHS Check (VhsCheck64.exe)

VHS Import/Export (VhsImportExport64.exe)

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