Creating Custom Canvas Controls (WESC Session)

May 24, 2017 / 0 comments / in General  / by Luke Williams

This year at the Weatherford Enterprise Software Conference, our pre-conference training covered building custom controls for Canvas.  We wanted to make sure that this information was available for everyone, and could be reviewed on-demand.  Blake and I recorded a version of the session offline for you to watch and review at your convenience.  The video and asset files are now ready and included in this post!

Canvas Course Description

This course is designed to introduce you to the power and functionality of the next CygNet HMI, Canvas. The course will walk through the process of creating a CygNet aware control using C# and XAML, and then discuss how to wrap the control to bring it into Canvas.

Participation with the control creation and wrapping exercises will require Visual Studio. Instructions, exercises, and completed controls are available to download at the bottom of this post.

Video Course

The recording is about two hours in length and covers all of the same steps, exercises, and controls from the pre-conference session.


You can follow along with the video and the included instructions, or use the instructions as a standalone document to work through on your own.  Make sure and read through WESC Course Files document that outlines what files are included and how to manage the application and project files.

Thank you to those who attended, and thank you to those of you who waited patiently for this on-demand version to be posted up!


As you work through the exercises, and video, please pass on any and all feedback through the Canvas application, using the ‘Provide Feedback’ button (discussed in the video) so we can get your questions and comments directly to the engineering team.

Course Files:

WESC Canvas Training Package

WESC Course Files


Note: The version of Canvas being included as part of this course/recording is a pre-release and should be taken as a work-in-progress. While custom controls made with this version may not work immediately with the released product, we will help with any necessary code changes to upgrade your controls after the release.

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